Amazon Prime Members: Young, Well-Off and Shopping a Lot

Nearly four in 10 Amazon Prime members are under 35

May 1, 2017

Amazon Prime members are younger and more affluent than the average American, and are more likely to do online research before making a purchase at a physical store.

A new report from Fung Global Retail & Tech, based on Prosper Insights and Analytics' Amazon Shopper Intelligence Service, found that nearly four in 10 Amazon Prime members are under the age of 35, compared with 30% for the US population in general. Meanwhile, roughly two of three are in households with income upwards of $50,000 a year. In particular, Prime members are much more likely than the average consumer to have a household income above $100,000--28% vs. 19%. 

Meanwhile, the survey found that 59% of Amazon Prime members regularly research products online before purchasing at a brick-and mortar-location, compared with 46% of US consumers.

The data excludes Prime-Video-only subscribers.

The report is in line with other recent studies that have found that Amazon Prime members are not merely committed Amazon shoppers but also active shoppers in general--in other words, a group that retailers of all sorts ought to be paying attention to, and shouldn't write off simply as committed Amazon users.

For example, in a study that tracked user behavior over a five-month period in 2016, market research firm GfK found that each Prime member spent an average of 12.8 hours on online shopping-related activity over the period, including browsing retailers’ websites or apps. That was nearly 80% more the than 7.2 hours spent by non-Prime members.

A noteworthy data point in the Fung report was that Amazon had surpassed Google as the digital starting point for product research.  In 2012, it said, Amazon and Google were cited as a starting point for research by the same number of respondents, 25% for each. By 2017, it said, Amazon's level had risen to 34% while Google's had slipped to 20%.