to Roll Out Spanish-Language Version

Users will be able to toggle between languages

Author: Rebecca Chadwick

March 10, 2017 has announced it will offer a Spanish-language option for visitors to its flagship US site.

Customers will be able to toggle between English and Spanish, according to a report on CNET. An Amazon spokeswoman told CNET that users will be able to shop and place orders in Spanish on both the website and Amazon’s mobile app.

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Based on comScore Media Metrix data, Amazon is making a wise move: Some 26.4 million US Hispanic internet users visited its sites in January 2017. Amazon sites were the most popular choice for US Hispanic shoppers, recording nearly 13 million more unique visitors than second-ranked eBay. If Amazon is trying to attract the attention of more Hispanic consumers, translating its shopping experience into Spanish is a good idea.

comScore’s findings indicate that other ecommerce retailers may want to consider translating their sites as well. While Amazon sites garnered the highest number of Hispanic visitors, its Hispanic share of total unique visitors was 14.4%—matching Hispanics’ share of overall retail site visitors in January.

Meanwhile,, an ecommerce startup with a large number of sellers based in Asia, overindexed for Hispanic shoppers—almost 22% of the site’s visitors were Hispanics.