Amping Up the Urgency of Email Messages

Less than half of brands use a “buy now” button 

Author: Monica Melton

June 2, 2017

Less than half of brands include a “buy now” button of some sort in their email campaigns, missing a chance to convert digital shoppers who may have left items in a cart without completing a purchase.

In a February 2017 analysis of consumer brands across eight verticals, L2 found that just 45% included a “buy now” button in email communications with shoppers.

Retailers were among the least likely to use the tactic, a practice that L2 said seems obvious. Consumer electronics and CPG brands also scored lower than average.

For some categories, a “buy now” message may not make sense, said eMarketer senior researcher Amy Rotondo. “‘Buy now’ buttons often are urging the shopper to go ahead and complete the purchase because the item might run out of stock or be available for a short period of time,” she said. “It’s not the same for Coca-Cola products or Dove, two of the CPG brands included in this study.”

The “buy now” message is not the only way to amp up urgency. According to a Q4 2016 study by Yes Lifecycle Marketing, including the phrases “free shipping” and “percentage off” in an email led to the highest conversion rates.

A June 2016 Campaigner survey found that nearly a third (29%) of email subscribers purchase from a brand within 48 hours of signing up for emails.