Consumers Wary About In-Home Delivery

Survey finds limited interest, for now, in Amazon Key

November 8, 2017

Amazon, Walmart and big shipping companies are exploring ever more inventive ways of getting their wares past customers' front doors, with the goal of dropping packages inside homes or even, for groceries, inside refrigerators.

But consumers haven't necessarily bought into the concept yet.

According to a recent Recode survey conducted by SurveyMonkey, just 5% of Amazon Prime subscribers say they will definitely buy an Amazon Key, a smart lock that allows for in-home delivery. Some 58% said they definitely weren't interested.


Interestingly, the proportion of those who said they'd purchase an Amazon Key was roughly similar regardless of whether or not the respondent was an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Meanwhile, Walmart is working with August Home, a provider of smart locks and smart home accessories, on a program where drivers from same-day delivery service Deliv bring grocery orders into the home. Those customers receive a notification on their phones when the delivery is happening and have the option of watching in real time as their orders are dropped inside their home, while their perishable grocery orders are placed inside their refrigerators.

While the Recode survey found limited enthusiasm for in-home delivery,  even 5% of the Amazon Prime universe would amount to a large user base. As of Q2 2017, 48% of internet households were Amazon Prime members, according to Cowen and Company data. That rate has likely grown significantly in the wake of this year's highly publicized Amazon Prime Day.

Meanwhile, consumer wariness about allowing deliveries within their front door seems likely to ease as the concept is socialized, given widespread concerns about package theft. A survey by Shorr Packaging earlier this year found that 31% of US digital buyers said they've had a package stolen some time in the past year. And two-thirds said they had avoided making some kind of online purchase because of concerns about package theft.