The Contents, Not the Cost, of Meal Kits Appeals to Consumers

Subscribers say they enjoy the variety

Author: Monica Melton

July 27, 2017

According to a July 2017 Field Agent survey of US meal kit users, the No. 1 benefit of meal kits is that they offer variety and allow users to try new foods. 

More than half of respondents also liked the fact that they saved time on shopping, and nearly as many said they find the overall experience of meal kits fun. 

Less than half were motivated by the idea of eating fresher or healthier foods—a bit surprising considering the shift in consumer sentiment toward healthier diets in general.

However, very few people consider meal kits a better value than regular home-cooked meals. Among respondents surveyed by Field Agent, the biggest drawback of meal kits was that they were too expensive.

This may explain why relatively few people have ordered a large number of meal kits. The study found that 27% of US smartphone owners had ordered at least one meal kit; only 5% had ordered more than 10.

The findings are not the first to indicate that price may be holding consumers back from trying meal kits.

According to July 2017 research from Morning Consult, nearly six in 10 US internet users who haven’t subscribed to a meal-kit delivery service said the cost of these kits deterred them from trying it out.

Yet consumers are still sold on the idea of meal kits. Field Agent found that 78% of respondents agree they want grocery stores to develop meal kits that they can purchase in-store. 

Photo by Shanice Garcia on Unsplash