Digital Wallets Still Seeking a Broad User Base

Few people use them daily

Author: Rimma Kats

February 8, 2017

Digital wallets have a long way to go to become part of everyday life.  In a November 2016 survey by, less than 10% of internet users said they use a digital wallet daily, while more than half (57%) said they have never used one.

However, the survey did show signs of a possible brighter future for digital wallets. For one thing, the fact that a small but significant percentage of people use the wallets daily or almost daily seems to prove the utility of the feature. And nearly one-third of those polled do use digital wallets at least monthly. That’s a meaningful user base to build from.

More importantly, found that roughly two-thirds of millennials have used a digital wallet, compared with less than 20% of those ages 55 and older.

As for those who haven’t tried digital wallets, data suggests there are a number of features that may be on consumers’ minds. Many would like to see more stores accepting mobile wallet payments, and security is an oft-cited concern.

Newer smartphone models with built-in mobile wallets may change users’ minds. eMarketer estimates US proximity mobile payment transactions will total $62.49 billion this year—up 125.8% from $27.67 billion in 2016.