In Germany, Signs of Reluctance to Try Click and Collect

One-third of internet users who use click and collect do so to save on delivery fees

Author: Ben Clague

March 6, 2017

While saving on delivery fees is a consideration for internet users in Germany, when considering in-store pickup of online orders in a July 2016 survey, 52% said they do not use so-called click-and-collect options because online order and delivery is simpler.

The November 2016 study, conducted by Innofact in collaboration with Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE) and eWeb Research Center of Hochscule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences for Bonial, highlights reasons that internet users in Germany use—and do not use—click-and-collect services.

A lack of click-and-collect options among local retailers was cited by a third of respondents who had not used click and collect, while nearly three in 10 said they bought everything on Amazon and so had no need to pick up digital purchases in-store.

Meanwhile, 34% of those who had used click-and-collect services cited saving on delivery fees as their primary reason for doing so, according to the report. And that was far and away the most common reason: The second and third most popular responses—cited by just 12% each—were needing a product right away and wanting to see, feel or try on a product prior to purchase.

Click-and-collect use in Germany is well below that of other digitally advanced countries. A September 2016 survey by MetaPack and Research Now, for instance, found 32% of digital buyers ages 18 older in Germany had used click and collect—the lowest rate in the study, which also included five other countries in Western Europe and the US. The UK led the list, with 68% of digital buyers using click and collect.