Here’s How Tech Professionals Imagine Retail in the Future

They’ll take care of their own checkouts

Author: Monica Melton

May 24, 2017

Leave the checkouts to us.

That’s one takeaway from a survey of IT professionals, who were asked what kind of retail technology they would most like to see in use.

The May research from CompuCom Systems, which provides IT managed services, products and infrastructure solutions, found that 43% would most like to see self-checkout technology put to better use over the next year.

Roughly one in five (21%) said they want to see interactive signage and displays used in the coming year, and almost as many (19%) said they would like to see interactive fitting rooms.

Meanwhile, 17% of IT professionals said they want to see more shopping from new screens, which CompuCom Systems refers to as the ability for shoppers to use self-serve kiosks and other in-store technology to make purchases.

In some ways the views of the survey respondents are directly in line with that of the average consumer. Two-thirds of internet users worldwide said they were frustrated with the long lines they faced at checkout counters, according to data from IT consultancy Capgemini