How to Capitalize on Shoppers’ New Year’s Resolutions

Author: Toby McKenna, SVP Advertising, Baazaarvoice

December 8, 2017

This post was contributed and sponsored by Bazaarvoice.

After the holiday season winds down and all of the indulging, overspending and overeating has passed, consumers quickly turn their attention to the new year and their resolutions. Popular resolutions include reading more, learning something new, getting organized and saving money. However by far, the most popular is always related to diet, health and exercise. 

At Bazaarvoice, we see page view traffic on our network of 5,000 brand and retailer websites and dove into our fitness category which saw this trend echoed in shopping habits as well.

When is a resolution put into action?

The first major spike in traffic happens immediately after Christmas starting on the 26th as this post-holiday week is 5.6X higher than usual. As consumers look to actually celebrate NYE we see a dip back down in traffic until the holiday has passed.

Shoppers begin again on January 2nd, typically looking for the gear needed for their new fitness lifestyle. However, the highest day of the entire year was actually January 3rd—the first business day of the New Year in 2017–which saw 7.4X higher traffic than the typical day! Back at work, consumers ease into the new work week by stocking up for all they need to support their resolutions. This shopping is oftentimes the first action consumers take to actual make their resolutions a reality and part of their lives.

Despite 80% of resolutions failing by February, online traffic for fitness in January for the entire month remained consistently high at 4.5X typical traffic and even in February at 2.4X.

How can marketers capitalize on the New Year's shopping trend?

Know when shoppers are in-market. Don’t wait until the new year to be in market with New Year’s messaging. Our data shows that people are thinking about their resolutions right after the holidays and then really start to put their resolutions into action early in the new year. Use after-holiday sales to promote items shoppers will want to buy for their resolutions.

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Let Bazaarvoice help you find and reach New Year's resolution shoppers.

Think of all the “resolution” accessories. Shopping for fitness equipment spiking in the new year may be obvious, but marketers shouldn’t forget all of the additional items consumers will be looking for to support their new fitness habit. For example, shoppers looking to get fit would be looking for workout clothes and accessories, fitness trackers and healthy foods. Beyond fitness, unless the resolution is to shop less, brands and retailers can count on consumers shopping to help make their resolution goals actual actions like buying an ereader to read more, new storage containers to become more organized or a new outfit when they lose weight.

Support shoppers in their journeys. Encourage shoppers to keep their resolutions and highlight previous purchasers who had success with your products. Health and fitness shoppers really care what others have to say—73% of fitness shopper read reviews online before purchasing. Smart marketers should highlight review content in their advertising to promote shoppers who have had success. 

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