Kate Spade; Sonic; Personalizatoin

The numbers you need to know today

January 9, 2018

Watchful Market: Kate Spade is collaborating with Fossil on a new line of smart watches, which was unveiled at CES on Tuesday. According to Engadget, the Android Wear devices will track steps, calories and distance traveled via Google Fit, but won't include a heart rate sensor. eMarketer estimates there will be 50.1 million adult wearable users in the US this year, with that number expected to reach close to 60 million by the end of 2021. 

Short Attention Spans: Sonic is focusing on shorter ad lengths to keep up with human attention spans. During its presentation at the 20th annual ICR Investor Conference, the fast-food company said 90% of its ads will be 15 seconds long, while only 10% will be 30 seconds long. Per eMarketer Retail's companies database, Sonic's comparables fell 3.3% in Q4 2017.

Personalized Push: Just how important is personalization? A new survey of consumers ages 18 to 64 from Epsilon found 80% of respondents were likely to do business with brands that personalized their efforts. And 90% said they liked that kind of customization. This openness to personalization was seen across several verticals, including grocery and drugstores.