Local Deal Hunting Common as Consumers Browse In-Store

Young women particularly likely to seek bargains while shopping

October 13, 2017

About one-third of US adults use a mobile phone to look for nearby deals while shopping, and millennials—particularly female millennials—are considerably more likely to do so.

According to data from Simmons Research, nearly half of US women ages 18 to 34 surveyed in May 2017 said they use their phones to look for local deals while shopping. By comparison, only 40.8% of millennial men said the same, but they were still far more likely than older users to do so.

The survey adds color to other data explaining what mobile users do with their phones while they shop, showing that retailers face price-transparency challenges not only from big ecommerce players like Amazon, but also from local rivals that may be tuning offers for nearby shoppers.

Retailers have a wealth of mobile marketing options available—indeed, there are so many that small businesses appear, at some level, to be unable to keep track of them all.

A survey of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the US by BIA/Kelsey in July 2016 found there was no clear “go-to” mobile marketing tactic or channel. About one in five respondents said they used text messaging, and smaller percentages had tried options ranging from sensors to mobile apps.

Perhaps most critically, only 13.6% of the surveyed SMBs said they used mobile search, a straightforward way to keep up with consumers hunting for local deals while shopping.