Lululemon; Luxury Goods; Mobile Searches

The numbers you need to know today

January 8, 2018

Strong Performance: lululemon athletica is anticipating higher net revenues for Q4 of fiscal 2017, thanks in large part to a strong holiday season. The athleisure giant expects net revenues of $905 million to $915 million for the quarter. According to eMarketer Retail's companies database, lululemon's comparable sales grew 8.0% in Q3 2017. 

Luxe Outlook: While apparel, beauty and handbags still make up a large share of luxury sales worldwide, shoes and jewelry are two of the fastest-growing product types in the luxury goods market. Sales in both categories increased by 10% in 2017, according to new data from Bain & Company. 

Mobile, In-Store: Stratix and IHL Group conducted a survey of larger US retailers, finding that those who had embraced in-store mobile point-of-sale features saw a 24% average bump in sales in 2017. The firms theorized that those sales spikes were due in part to customers benefiting from a personalized in-store experience on mobile devices. However, retailers also reported significant challenges in deploying in-store mobile techniques, with a lack of the right apps and properly trained store staff chief among them.

Searching for Decisions: According to data from Think with Google, which looked at how search influences purchase decisions, found that consumers aren't only using search to learn more about big-ticket items like cars or computers. They're also using the medium to figure which toothbrush is best or which shower curtains they need to buy. In fact, when the company looked at mobile searches containing the word "best," it found a 115% growth rate in queries for face lotions and moisturizers within the past two years.