Many Retailers Shy Away from Same Day Delivery  

Survey finds just 8% say they have implemented and it’s working well 

Author: Monica Melton

May 23, 2017

Retailers have an abundance of fulfillment options at their disposal: buy online, pick up in-store, buy in-store, ship to home—you name it. There’s no single fulfillment option they are focusing all their efforts on.

But, according to an April 2017 survey from consultancy Boston Retail Partners, retail execs in North America are directing more of their energy on some options, like reserve online, pick up in-store, than they are on other ones, like same day delivery.

Just 34% of respondents said they have implemented same day delivery—and a majority of them said it needs improvement. While nearly a quarter said this particular option is something they plan to implement within the next three years, a large share (42%) said it’s something they don’t plan to adopt at all.

That’s quite a contrast compared to other fulfillment options.

For example, nearly two-thirds of respondents said they have implemented buy in-store, ship to home. And although half of those respondents said that particular option needs improvement, it’s clearly something many are retailers are offering.

Even among those who haven’t adopted this option, roughly a quarter said they plan to in the next three years.

More retailers are likely focusing on these pick up in-store options to drive in-store traffic.

In an effort to do just that, Walmart unveiled a new ‘Pickup Discount’ program last month which gives consumers discounts on certain online-only items which they can buy online and then ship to a Walmart store to pick up.

But, similar to Walmart, retail execs may soon also focus their efforts on speedier deliveries.

Earlier this year, the big-box retailer said it would offer free two-day shipping on orders over $35, no membership required.

In a move to compete with that, Amazon slashed its minimum order required for non-Prime subscribers— from $49 to $35—and then reduced it again in May to $25.