Marketers Say, 'Don't Overlook the In-Store Experience'

Balancing interactions with shoppers

Author: Monica Melton

August 30, 2017

Digital marketing is critically important, but the more physical aspects of interacting with shoppers can’t be ignored.

A new CMO Council survey of senior marketing executives found that various aspects of brick-and-mortar shopping, such as in-store promotions, interactions with in-store representatives, and product packaging, are key elements of a strong omnichannel experience.

The survey was commissioned by a group of companies in the marketing, packaging, printing and signage industries.

While digital advertising was the most commonly cited touchpoint as having the most influence on purchase decisions, many of the other commonly mentioned channels were not. “In-store sales/service representatives” were cited by nearly as many of the marketers in the survey.

Social media and a corporate website were widely mentioned, but in-store promotion and product packaging were tapped by nearly as many executives.

In all, the survey points up the omnichannel nature of the purchase journey, and the multitude of touchpoints that may spur a consumer to make a purchase.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the survey found that nearly nine in 10 marketers considering “delivering an omnichannel experience” to be very important or critical.

The importance of an omnichannel experience can be seen in the results of a TimeTrade survey which asked US internet users how often then browsed for products online before making a purchase in the store.

The vast majority said they shop online at least some of the time, with just 10% saying they never do so.