Millennial Men and Women Have Different Digital Coupon Habits

How they shop shapes how likely they are to look for coupons

Author: Maria Minsker

July 5, 2017

It’s no secret that millennial men and women are both cost-conscious, but women are more likely than men to search for online coupons when shopping via digital channels, according to data from coupon tracking service CouponFollow.

The study found that many millennials search for coupons when shopping via their desktops. Roughly three-quarters of millennial women search for coupons when shopping there, compared to 65% of millennial men.

Fewer millennials look for coupons while shopping on a mobile device. Still, women are more likely to do it—55% of them search the mobile web for coupons. In comparison, 43% of men do as well. 

But don’t assume that millennial women are simply more inclined to search for savings.

On the contrary, offline shopping habits paint a slightly different picture. More than half (55%) of millennial men search the internet for coupons when shopping at a brick-and-mortar location, while 50% of millennial women do the same.

In spite of these gender-based differences, millennials as a group generally like to use digital channels more so than other generations. According to May 2017 data from market research firm IRI, 48% of millennials download coupons from digital deal sites, compared to 36% of internet users over the age of 18.

Overall, the appetite for digital coupons continues to grow, giving rise to couponing apps and extensions like Ibotta and Honey. eMarketer predicts that by 2021, almost 64% of internet users will use digital coupons.