Millennials Give the Nod to Purchasing with Store Apps

More than two-thirds open to trying it

Author: Monica Melton

June 5, 2017

Millennials are open to using a store app to pay for in-store purchases.

In March 2017 polling by HRC Retail Advisory, more than two-thirds of millennial internet users in North America (68%) said that if a store they regularly shop at had its own app, they would be at least somewhat likely to use it to pay for a purchase. Kids ages 10 to 17 were similarly open to the idea, with 64% saying they could see using a store app for payments.

The study defined millennials as those ages 18 to 41, an older age cutoff than is often used. Among the oldest respondents in the survey, those ages 35 to 41, interest in store app payments tailed off, with just less than half expressing interest.

That millennials should be willing to try a mobile tool for commerce should not be a surprise, given their embrace of mobile shopping and banking.

In a May 2016 study of US millennial internet users ages 18 to 34 by LexisNexis, 60% of respondents had made a retail purchase via smartphone.