Millennials, Not Retailers, Are Ready for This

Millennials say yes to scan and go

Author: Monica Melton

July 11, 2017

Millennials are ready to take checkout into their own hands, but retailers are not there yet.

A new survey from Acosta found that more than 8 in 10 millennials are at least somewhat interested in scan and go, where shoppers scan their own products in-store then pay via an app. 

By comparison, roughly 68% of Gen Xers expressed at least some interest in scan and go, while only 43% of baby boomers said the same.

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Smartphones increasingly factor into the retail experiences, and younger people are leading in usage. The Acosta data is consistent with findings that the majority of millennials would pay for purchases in-store using an app.

Even though the vast majority of millennials and 58.2% of shoppers overall express interest in scan and go, very few retailers plan on offering checkout technology anytime soon.

A March 2017 study from RIS found that only 3% of US retail executives have up-to-date “checkout and payment for a customer’s own device” in place. Just as few have “started a major upgrade” for this scan and go option.

Well over half of retailers have no plans for making this kind of upgrade, and less than one-fifth said they would upgrade within 24 months.

The Acosta study found that 97% of all CPG dollars are still being spent in brick-and-mortar retail stores. Consumers, especially younger shoppers, would like to be able to checkout using scan and go for these transactions.