Mobile Shopping; Retail Investments; Consumer Loyalty 

The numbers you need to know today

March 7, 2018

All About Experiences: New data from Worldpay indicates that 37% of US consumers are more than happy to spend more on a product or service "if the mobile shopping experience is better." Millennials were roughly twice as likely to spend more on a "five-star" mobile experience than their older counterparts. 

More Investment: Retailers are facing pressure to invest in information technology, a survey from Retail Systems Research (RSR) reveals. In fact, 87% of respondents said the new ways consumers are shopping today demand big investments in IT, and another 87% said they must invest more in technology-based new business innovations. 

Increasing Loyalty: When it comes to reselling items, consumers are more interested in "a convenient buyback scheme from retailers than being able to sell items at a higher price," data from PA Consulting finds. Nearly six in 10 clothing consumers and more than half of electronics consumers said they would be open to reselling their stuff if the process were simpler.