Online Grocery Shoppers Worry About Fresh Foods

About one in five have tried online grocery delivery

Author: Monica Melton

July 6, 2017

About one in five internet users have tried online grocery delivery services but the majority of people still express apprehension about purchasing perishables online.

A Morning Consult study found that most US consumers weren’t likely to have meat, dairy, or fresh fruits and vegetables shipped to them.

The survey found that food quality was the most important consideration for online shopping. Other factors such as variety or delivery speed were much less likely to be cited as a concern.

Older consumers showed the most concern about food quality, but it was a significant factor across all age groups.

As would be expected, the survey found that younger people were considerably more likely to have used an online grocery delivery service. Among those in the 18-29 and 30-44 age groups, about 30% had bought groceries online. For those over 65, the level fell to 13%.

The survey found a fairly wide discrepancy of usage among different ethnic groups, with Hispanics registering considerably higher use of online grocery delivery.

“Hispanic households are especially likely to include young kids, and it’s something of an ordeal to haul young kids around with you to stores. Thus, the convenience of ordering online and having home delivery may have special appeal for Hispanics,” said eMarketer Senior Analyst Mark Dolliver.

The Morning Consult poll, conducted shortly after the news that Amazon would acquire Whole Foods, highlighted Amazon’s strong advantage in the online grocery market. Among respondents who said they had used an online grocery delivery service, 42% said they had used AmazonFresh, well more than double any other player in the market.