Our Five Most Popular Stories About Amazon in 2017

The Year in Retail

December 26, 2017

Amazon's relentless innovation and emphasis on customer service not only have made it a retail giant, but also a focus of fascination in the industry.  Here are the five articles about Amazon that generated the most interest in 2017.

1. Amazon Trucks Pose Quirky Challenge to Physical Retailers

A look at Amazon's flash-sale vehicles, which are more than just an offbeat way to sell to consumers. (Published 11/2/2017)

2. Amazon Signals Its Furniture Ambitions with Two Private Label Lines

Already the leading online furniture retailer, Amazon has amped up the pressure on the sector with the launch of two private-label furniture lines. (11/13/2017)

3. What’s Changed a Month After Amazon’s Whole Foods Buy

Amazon’s $13.7 billion Whole Foods buy has put the grocery industry on its toes, igniting fears of a heated price war in the $800 billion industry. Were some of those fears overblown? (9/29/2017)

4. A Warning Sign for Amazon?

Amazon, king of online retail, won its crown in part through aggressive pricing. But a recent survey suggests that some young shoppers may not see it as the price leader anymore. (10/19/2017)

5. What Amazon's Prime Day Means for the Rest of the Retail Sector

The fanfare surrounding Amazon’s third annual Prime Day has come and gone, but the soul searching in the retail world has likely only just begun. The sale did open some pockets of opportunities for other retailers, but mainly signaled the increasingly difficult challenge of competing with Amazon. (7/14/2017)