Pizza and a Discount? There’s an App for That

Consumers say they use restaurant apps for fairly simple reasons

Author: Rimma Kats

December 6, 2017

New data from customer intelligence provider Market Force Information reveals that most consumers use a restaurant’s mobile apps for the simplest reasons. Many want to be able to see what’s on the menu and if there’s a deal for it.  

Half of US internet users surveyed said they use a restaurant’s app because they wanted to find discounts or special promotions.

What’s more, roughly four in 10 respondents said they did so because they wanted to participate in the restaurant’s loyalty program, and another 29% said they did so to get restaurant updates, like menu changes or special offers.

About one-quarter of the respondents said they use restaurant apps to pay for orders. That’s in line with a Q2 2017 study from GlobalWebIndex, which found that 26% of internet users in North America who regularly dine at fast-food restaurants paid for a meal using a mobile payment service in the past month.

But GlobalWebIndex also found that paying for meals via mobile app was far more common in other regions of the world, particularly Asia-Pacific, where over half of internet users said they used a mobile payment service to pay for their meal. 

Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash