A Portrait of Amazon Shoppers

Survey finds more than half of US Amazon customers are Prime members

Author: Alison McCarthy

March 15, 2017

A recent survey offers an interesting portrait of Amazon’s customers and how they use the platform.

Branding Brand surveyed 1,000 US internet users in February 2017, all of whom shop on Amazon and identified themselves as making the majority of purchases for their household. Interestingly, mobile devices—in the aggregate—were reported to be the primary purchasing channel for a majority of Amazon customers.

While desktop/laptop was the top channel for the highest percentage of respondents, smartphone shoppers—whether using the Amazon app or simply going to Amazon.com—actually made up a larger combined proportion, at 48%. Add in tablet buyers, and almost 60% of respondents identified mobile channels as their primary choice for shopping on Amazon.

The survey results contrasted with a similar survey of US internet users in December 2016 by CPC Strategy. In that survey, more than half of the Amazon shoppers said their primary device for purchases was desktop/laptop, while slightly less than half chose smartphones and tablets. (The survey differed in that included internet users who said they don’t shop on Amazon.)

Amazon’s pricing and delivery have long been identified as key attractions for users, and the Branding Brand survey underscored those values. More than three-quarters of respondents said they thought Amazon generally offers the best prices, and 58.0% indicated that they were Amazon Prime members.

About one-quarter of Branding Brand’s respondents said they bought on Amazon weekly. The majority were monthly shoppers, Branding Brand found. The survey also revealed that one in five Amazon buyers make more than half of their purchases on Amazon. Another 30% make between 25% and 49% of their purchases on the site.

Photo credit: Flickr