Retail Wrap for August 21

August 18, 2017

School Days: Back-to-school spending has topped the $716 per family mark, about 6% higher than 2016 numbers, according to Brand Keys, as reported by Apparel purchases are up about 3%, tablets/smartphone purchases are up about 10%, and books/study aids are up 5%.

Visible Results: Nordstrom tops department stores for organic search visibility, according to L2. But Macy's search engine marketing efforts, combined with SEO, actually give it an edge in search visibility, L2 said.

Photo Opportunities: Retailers looking to draw younger shoppers through their doors, take note: Make each visit a photo op. Here's some UK data from Travelzoo that illustrates the mindset. According to a Travelzoo survey, 55% of Gen Z'ers, those born after 1996, say an important consideration for choosing a travel destination is how their holiday photos will look on social platforms.  For millennials (those born between 1987 and 1995), fully 42% said it was a consideration.  Just 10% of baby boomers said so.