Sears by the Numbers

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May 10, 2017

Sears CEO Edward Lampert, who rarely grants interviews, spoke at length this week with the Chicago Tribune about the company's turnaround efforts, its fight against a bankruptcy filing, relations with the media and with vendors, and more.

When asked if Sears still has time to turn around, he said this: "We have as much time as our vendors and our lenders and our shareholders are willing to give us. It's up to us to basically demonstrate to people that we can drive results to get people behind us."

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Sears Holdings

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You can read the full interview here.  Below are some key data points about Sears as a whole and its Sears and Kmart brands, all drawn from the eMarketer Retail & Ecommerce database:

Ecommerce: Overall, the company's ecommerce sales totaled $2.01 billion in fiscal 2016, a 1.8% decline from 2015. As a percentage of overall revenue, ecommerce made up 9.3% of sales, up from 8.3% a year earlier.

Store Productivity: Average sales per store in 2016 was $11.67 million, down 5.4% from 2015. Average sales per square foot was $103, down 6.6%.

Real Estate: Sears had a total of 1,430 stores as of Jan. 28, 2017, down 14.5% from a year ago. Sears stores numbered 695, down 4.9%. Kmart stores numbered 735, down 21.9%. 

Same-Store Sales: For Sears Holdings as a whole, same-store sales declined 7.4%. For the Sears brand, the measure was off 9.3%, while for Kmart the decline was 5.3%.