Shipping Costs Still a Sticking Point for Many Shoppers

Expensive shipping leaves carts in the digital aisles

Author: Monica Melton

July 10, 2017

Shipping costs are stranding a lot of shopping carts at the digital checkout line.

A new study from Temando, a shipping and fulfillment software company, found that concerns about shipping costs were by far the most common reason that shoppers walked away from a purchase, if they were not simply browsing or researching.

More than half of the shoppers surveyed said they had abandoned a cart because of high shipping costs. High as that number is, it is well off the level who said so in 2016. Other shipping-related reasons, such as “no free shipping” or “unaware of shipping costs” also declined from the previous year, although they were cited by large numbers of shoppers.

The survey found that most consumers prefer free delivery to fast: Some 74% picked free over fast. But younger families were more evenly split on that option, with 54% opting for free and 46% opting for fast.

On the flip side—that is, returns—free is, again, a major motivator. Fully 43% of the respondents said they would shop more if free and easy returns were offered.

But cost is not the only thing that online shoppers think about when considering delivery. A recent survey by Shorr Packaging found widespread consumer concern about package theft. Some 31% of respondents said they had had a package stolen in the past year. Thanks to those concerns, many said they had avoided purchasing certain products online—in particular, electronics.