Staples by the Numbers

Data from the eMarketer Retail & Ecommerce database

May 16, 2017

Sales at office supply giant Staples Inc. slipped 4.9% in the first quarter, as comparable store sales declined a more modest 2.6%.

The company is reportedly exploring a sale in the wake of last year's failed deal to merge with Office Depot.  

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Read the earnings release here. Below are some key data points about Staples, drawn from the eMarketer Retail & Ecommerce database:

Ecommerce: The percent of the company's sales that come via ecommerce has grown steadily but not dramatically, reaching 12.0% for fiscal 2016, compared with 8.9% in 2012.

Store productivity: Average sales per store have edged lower in each of the past five years. For 2016, the measure declined 4.0%.

Comparable store sales: Same-store sales have also declined, slipping 5.0% in 2016.