Survey Finds Discounts Top List for Email Impact

Consumers say sales, discounts top factor 

Author: Monica Melton

June 29, 2017

There are a host of factors that may influence consumers to make a purchase based on a marketing email, but sales or discounts are the single most likely driver, according to recent survey data.

A June 2017 study from Yes Lifecycle Marketing, an email marketing provider, found that 92% of respondents consider sales/discounts to be an important factor when deciding whether or not to purchase from brand’s emails.

Respondents were almost as likely to say that the brand’s reputation was also important. “Ease of transaction” was the next most likely response.

The study also investigated purchasing activity and found that roughly one-third of the internet users surveyed said they had never made a purchase based on a marketing email.

The youngest consumers included in the group were the most likely to say they had never made such a purchase, possibly reflecting their life stage more than any inherent reluctance to engage with email messages.

Older users, those 53-71, were nearly as likely to have never made a purchase. This may reflect the fact that older consumers have been slower to embrace digital purchasing in general.

eMarketer estimates that digital purchasing falls off significantly among consumers over the age of 55. In the US, among consumers 55-64, only 63.5% are digital buyers, and among those over the age of 65, the level falls to 43%.

By comparison, among those ages 25-34, more than eight in 10 are are digital buyers.