Think You Know the APAC Ecommerce Market? 

Check your knowledge with an eMarketer quiz

August 25, 2017

How much do you know about the APAC market? Which platforms dominate? What product categories are emerging as leaders in different markets? Take the eMarketer Retail quiz to gauge your knowledge.

1. Australia’s ecommerce market is dominated by international players. What’s the No. 1 homegrown Aussie ecommerce property, in terms of visits?

    • a) OzBargain
    • b) JB Hi-Fi
    • c) Bunnings Warehouse
    • d)

2. What is the most popular product category for digital purchases in Indonesia?

    • a) Mobile phones and tablets
    • b) Desktop/laptop computers
    • c) Clothes and accessories
    • d) Cosmetics

3. According to eMarketer’s estimates, what percentage of India’s population will make a digital purchase this year?

    • a) 4.5%
    • b) 18.9%
    • c) 27.4%
    • d) 41.0%

4. What is the most common form of payment for digital purchases in Malaysia?

    • a) Bank transfer
    • b) Cash on delivery
    • c) Credit card
    • d) Alipay

5. What’s the top ecommerce site in South Korea?

    • a) 11Street
    • b)
    • c) WeMakePrice
    • d)  


Question 1: The correct answer is “A.” OzBargain is the No. 1 homegrown ecommerce platform in Australia, according to Hitwise data from March 2017.

Question 2: The correct answer is “C.” Clothes and accessories are the most popular ecommerce category in Indonesia, according to April 2017 data from DI Marketing.

Question 3: The correct answer is “B.” According to eMarketer’s June 2017 estimates, 18.9% of people in India ages 14 and older will make a digital purchase this year.

Question 4: The correct answer is “A,” bank transfer. According to a January 2017 report from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, 70.5% of digital buyers in Malaysia have paid for a digital purchase via bank transfer. Just 2.2% said they used Alipay.

Question 5: The correct answer is “D.” is the top ecommerce site in South Korea, according to Nielsen KoreanClick data for February 2017. 11Street ranked a very close second in the data.

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