Think You Really Understand Millennial Shoppers? 

Check your knowledge with an eMarketer quiz

August 30, 2017

Think you really understand millennial shoppers? Are you on top of the ways they use mobile, the ways they pay and the items they're more likely to buy? Take the eMarketer Retail quiz to check your knowledge.

1. In 2015, a Food Marketing Institute (FMI) survey found that just 24% of millennials had purchased groceries from digital-only retailers. Two years later, what was the percentage?

    • a) 36%
    • b) 43%
    • c) 51%
    • d) 69%

2. A June 2017 survey by Bankrate found that more than a quarter of millennials go out for coffee at least three times a week, and 42% of them go to a bar at least once a week. What percentage of millennials get restaurant food (including takeout) at least seven times per week?

    • a) 22%
    • b) 31%
    • c) 40%
    • d) 54%

3. An inMarket analysis of foot traffic to physical stores found that a number of food retailers overindex for millennial visitors. What was the No. 1 food retailer for this cohort, based on frequency of visits compared with the category average for each generation?

    • a) Trader Joe’s
    • b) 99 Cents Only Stores
    • c) Food4Less
    • d) Whole Foods Market

4. Self-serve “scan-and-go” technology, which allows shoppers to scan their products in-store and pay via app, is more attractive to millennials than older generations. But how much more? According a March 2017 survey from Acosta, only 10% of baby boomers said they are “very interested” in scan and go. What percentage of millennials were very interested?

    • a) 19%
    • b) 28%
    • c) 49%
    • d) 60%

5. As with many other digital behaviors, millennials are more likely to have used meal kits. Across all age groups, 19% of internet users have tried a meal kit, according to a July 2017 Morning Consult survey. What was the percentage for millennials?

    • a) 29%
    • b) 36%
    • c) 46%
    • d) 51%


Question 1: The correct answer is “B.” The FMI’s 2017 survey found 43% of those ages 18 to 38 had purchased groceries from digital-only retailers. Among the total adult population, 25% said they had done so.

Question 2: The correct answer is “A.” According to the Bankrate survey, 22% of the 18-to-29 age group dine out (or get takeout) at least seven times per week. For the overall survey sample, the figure was 13%.

Question 3: The correct answer is “C.” The inMarket data found that the No. 1 food retailer for millennials was Kroger’s Food4Less chain, followed by 99 Cents Only.

Question 4: The correct answer is “C.” Slightly more than 49% of respondents ages 18 to 35 said they were interested in scan and go. More than eight in 10 were at least somewhat interested.

Question 5: The correct answer is “A.” Some 29% of 18- to 29-year-olds have tried a meal kit delivery service, the survey found.