Welcome to eMarketer Retail

A new resource for a transforming industry

Author: eMarketer Editors

February 28, 2017

For more than 20 years, eMarketer has been the first place to look for intelligence about digital marketing and media. Now it’s taking its unique, data-focused approach to the retail sector. eMarketer Retail provides data, news and insight essential to keep pace in the evolving world of retail and ecommerce.

“We are pleased to bring to market a daily destination and resource for all retailers–online, in stores and on mobile—and the businesses who need to reach them,” said Crystal Gurin, EVP and publisher. “Through our daily analysis of key news developments and articles about the latest trends in brick-and-mortar retail, ecommerce and mcommerce, decision-makers will be armed with trusted, actionable data they need to succeed.”

The retail industry is in the midst of an historic transformation, as digital redefines the traditional relationship between buyers and sellers. Ecommerce made up only 8.2% of total retail sales in the US in 2016, eMarketer estimates, but digital influenced more than half of all US in-store sales in 2016, according to Deloitte data.

eMarketer Retail provides tools and knowledge to navigate the increasingly complicated interplay between digital and brick-and-mortar sales. At its core is a deep database of company-level data covering both physical and virtual performance measures. Daily news and commentary provide a quick way to stay on top of the latest news and research relevant to the sector.

“Even though ‘digital’ and ‘omnichannel’ have been big retail buzzwords for years, many retailers are struggling to come up with a profitable strategy to meet the demands of today’s ever-fickle shoppers who expect seamless online and in-store experiences,” said Andria Cheng, eMarketer’s editor-at-large for the new retail property. “A sound digital strategy will play a big role separating winners and losers in the brick-and-mortar space.”