What Do Consumers in the Netherlands Digitally Shop For?

Many shop for clothing and sports equipment

Author: Ben Clague

February 23, 2017

Consumers in the Netherlands purchase an assortment of products digitally, ranging from clothing items to cleaning products.

According to survey data from Statistics Netherlands, roughly half of digital buyers in the country who made at least one digital purchase in the past year said they purchased clothes and sports equipment. A similar percentage said they bought travel and accommodations digitally.

Though clothing and travel are popular purchases made online, consumers in the Netherlands buy a variety of items and services digitally.

For example, the survey found that more than a third of respondents purchased event tickets, and nearly one in five purchased food, cosmetics or cleaning products digitally.

Meanwhile, far fewer digital buyers said they purchased medicine this way, cited by just 6.8% of respondents.

In a separate October 2016 survey from PayPal and Ipsos, the majority of adult digital buyers in the Netherlands made solely domestic digital purchases within the past year. Indeed, 63% of those surveyed did so, and about one-third made both domestic and cross-border purchases.