Which Data Sources Help APAC Marketers Track Customer Purchase Paths?

Three-quarters of marketers China, Hong Kong use CRM data

Author: Ben Clague

February 21, 2017

Many marketers in Asia-Pacific are likely to use customer relationship management (CRM) data to better understand the customer journey, according to a recent study.

In an October 2016 survey by Econsultancy and emarsys, around three-quarters of client-side marketers in China and Hong Kong said they use CRM data to understand their customers’ paths to purchase. Marketers in Australia and India were also likely to use that type of data, cited by more than six in 10 respondents.

In Indonesia and Malaysia, client-side marketers were less likely to use CRM to gain an understanding of the customer journey, at 44% and 55% of respondents, respectively.

There were more notable differences between marketers when it came to using social CRM data, the study found. Some 64% of China respondents said they used it, as did 56% of those in Hong Kong. Additionally, just one-third of marketers in Australia said they used social CRM data, compared with 41% in India, and around one-quarter in both Indonesia and Malaysia.