Which Movie Theater Chain Has the Biggest Presence on YouTube?

Data from the eMarketer Retail & Ecommerce database

May 3, 2017

One chain has racked up significantly more YouTube video views than its rivals. It has some little yellow helpers to thank for its biggest successes.

AMC Theatres' total YouTube views are nearly triple those of any other theater chain.  This reflects its huge physical footprint as well as its aggressive use of YouTube, with more than 8,000 uploaded videos.

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But a big contributor to AMC's high view count is a trio of clips featuring the Minions, the little yellow henchmen from the "Despicable Me" movies. Three of these clips, by themselves, have racked up roughly 40 million views, or nearly one in every four AMC views on YouTube.

By themselves, AMC's Minions clips outdistance the entire video library of either the No. 3 chain on the list, Cinemark Theatres, or the No. 4, Cineplex Entertainment. 

Here's the ranking of movie chains based on number of YouTube views, drawn from eMarketer's Retail & Ecommerce database:

1) AMC Theatres - 188.3 million YouTube views
2) Regal Cinemas - 63.4 million
3) Cinemark Theatres - 32.6 million
4) Cineplex Entertainment - 20.7 million