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2/1/2019by eMarketer Editors
Simply offering delivery service isn’t enough to get shoppers to regularly buy groceries online.
1/30/2019by Peter Vahle
Amazon and Alibaba continue to expand into Western Europe—Amazon with hopes of capturing a greater European consumer base, and Alibaba selling luxury European goods to its tens of millions of consumers in China.
1/29/2019by Lucy Koch
The possibility of having to return something is dissuading consumers from buying certain products online.
1/28/2019by Stephanie Thompson
A brand’s ethics and social responsibility can influence purchasing decisions and loyalty for many millennials—a generation transitioning into their prime spending years.
1/28/2019by Lucy Koch
Consumers don’t fully trust retailers with their data. But, they’ll put their reservations aside for the right price.
1/24/2019by Rimma Kats
Unlike Alibaba or, Pinduoduo relies on its users to leverage their social networks to drive conversions. The more friends and family a shopper can get to buy a product, the lower the price drops for everyone in the group.
1/23/2019by Rahul Chadha
China is poised to become the world’s top retail market in 2019, surpassing the US by more than $100 billion, according to eMarketer’s latest worldwide retail and ecommerce forecast.
1/22/2019by eMarketer Editors
Millennials have been credited with upending entire industries, and retail is no exception. Here's what retailers need to know about attracting and retaining consumers from a maturing generation of digital shoppers.
1/22/2019by Rahul Chadha
For many consumers, abandoning products in an online cart is part of the digital shopping experience. But what’s really causing them to rethink that pair of shoes they absolutely needed seconds ago?
1/17/2019by Rimma Kats