This July will mark the fourth annual Amazon Prime Day, hardly a deep-seated tradition, even though the online shopping event grows in popularity every year. In 2017, sales reached an estimated $1 billion. Prime Day is also starting to capture dollars spent historically during a more established shopping season: back-to-school.
6/22/2018by Krista Garcia
A recent survey by Rokt found that US digital buyers are happiest once the buying experience is over. Going through the checkout process is another story.
6/22/2018by Jen King
In a case brought by the state of South Dakota, the US Supreme Court ruled that online retailers are no longer exempt from sales tax. This not only has great implications for the 45 states that rely on sales tax, but also for online retailers like Wayfair and, which have argued that tax collection would be a logistical challenge and an unfair burden, particularly on smaller merchants.
6/21/2018by Krista Garcia
Today's updates include La-Z-Boy, Trans World Entertainment, Dollarama and Conn's.
6/21/2018by Nicholas Pitsis
US consumers' shopping behavior isn't as mall-centric as it once was, but declaring the death of traditional shopping centers might be a little premature. It’s true, ecommerce has forever changed consumer expectations, and merchants can no longer rely on traditional anchors—usually department stores—to attract crowds. This has forced mall operators to get creative.
6/21/2018by Krista Garcia
Today's updates include Destination Maternity, Dave & Buster's, Build-A-Bear Workshop, and The Buckle.
6/20/2018by Nicholas Pitsis
Emotions play a role in shopping behavior even if consumers don't think that they do. According to a recent survey of UK and US internet users by analytics firm Clicktale, 78% of respondents believe they are rational when they shop. Yet 40% said they shop to calm down, and 74% have "stress-shopped" in the past.
6/20/2018by Krista Garcia
Once hyped, the meal kit market—and subscription commerce, generally—appears to have settled down. According to a Market Force Information survey, only 15% of US grocery buyers have ever tried a subscription meal kit service. And there doesn't appear to be a great deal of pent-up demand, either.
6/20/2018by Krista Garcia
Using location data to personalize ads has given a lift to marketers trying to engage with their target audience. But driving customers into the store? That's not so clear.
6/20/2018by Jen King
In the latest episode of the "Behind the Numbers" podcast, we dig into eMarketer's estimates for global retail sales, and then take a closer look at China, which makes up roughly 20% of the worldwide market. This podcast is sponsered by Mower.
6/20/2018by eMarketer Editors