A survey found that many plan to increase their spending on a range of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence and location-based marketing.
1/9/2018by Rimma Kats
China has become a battleground for fully-automated, cashierless stores, with investors pouring money into such efforts. Traditional retailers, ecommerce players and startups have all entered the fray with a mix of retail technologies.
11/9/2017by Man-Chung Cheung
Many retailers see investing in new technology as a must if they are to remain competitive, but consumers may not be ready to adopt new platforms and tools. A new survey indicates consumer wariness of chatbots and robots.
11/1/2017by eMarketer Editors
New research from Salesforce finds that many consumers, particularly millennials, are open to AI or other shopping-related technologies that help streamline the retail experience.
9/26/2017by Rimma Kats
About two-thirds of retailers say that the ability to predict demand is the greatest challenge for their supply chain operations.
9/14/2017by eMarketer Editors
Nearly two of three millennials say they are open to product and service recommendations generated via AI. Older consumers, especially boomers, aren't so sure.
4/28/2017by Jeremy Kressmann
Guido Campello, CEO and creative director of Cosabella, and Courtney Connell, the lingerie brand's marketing director, discuss how artificial intelligence has transformed their business operations.
4/21/2017by Yory Wurmser
eBay, Google, Target, Walmart and other major retailers are racing ahead with artificial intelligence, shrugging off skeptics. “The future is AI first,” says a Google exec.
3/24/2017by Andria Cheng
Artificial intelligence adoption is still limited, but among retail marketers who do employ the technology, many use it in their search or recommendation engines.
2/28/2017by Rimma Kats