Artificial Intelligence

China’s tech-driven retail revolution is turning stores into laboratories for retail experiments and introducing consumers to completely new shopping experiences.
1/14/2019by Man-Chung Cheung
Artificial intelligence is changing the way retailers approach assortment planning, personalization, voice ordering and customer support.
1/7/2019by Ross Benes
The role of chatbots in ecommerce has evolved from a sales tool to a customer service assistant. When US internet users want to resolve a customer service issue quickly, more than half turn to chat, according to a CGS survey.
8/29/2018by Krista Garcia
Consumers still have some reservations about retail tech—like chatbots providing customer service or in-home voice assistants suggesting products—so it makes sense that many are more receptive to a combination of AI-assisted and human interactions. But transparency is key: Shoppers want to know if they’re dealing with a human or a computer.
7/9/2018by Krista Garcia
A May 2018 survey by Automat found that 70% of US female beauty buyers said they were overwhelmed by product choices. One solution to the overwhelmed-with-choice conundrum could be virtual beauty advisors.
7/3/2018by Krista Garcia
Despite industry buzz around robotics for retail, many consumers aren’t particularly keen on the idea of interacting with robots while shopping. More than half say they’d rather stick with humans.
6/21/2017by Maria Minsker