Consumer Behavior

A new National Retail Federation study examines what it is calling "value shoppers," the 89% of US consumers who frequent discount retailers. With a figure that high, this behavior transcends gender, region, income and age.
10/12/2018by Krista Garcia
If you think consumers want brands to be neutral on social issues, you would be wrong. Belief-driven buyers—consumers who choose, switch, avoid or boycott a brand based on its stand on societal issues—are the majority in 2018.
10/8/2018by Krista Garcia
Do brands live up to their promises to consumers? Much of the time, the answer is no, and a recent study suggests that the ramifications of that can be very bad news for brands that fall short of expectations.
9/27/2018by Jen King
Millennials may not watch as much TV as previous generations, but their engagement with the TV content they do watch may actually be deeper than other groups.
9/25/2018by Jen King
When a consumer finds a product they like, they tend to become repeat customers. However, a recent survey found that some consumers—particularly Gen Z and millennials—are not always ready to commit to one product.
9/17/2018by Jen King
It's not easy to quantify if consumers are spending more on minimalist lifestyles or just becoming more discerning about the things they do spend money on. The rise of private labels and consumers caring less about specific brands of household goods, food and clothing speaks to a shift in values.
9/5/2018by Krista Garcia
Brands taking stances on hot-button issues can be risky. But in an increasingly polarized political climate, some are courting controversy and can afford to alienate a vocal minority.
9/4/2018by Krista Garcia
When given the choice between a paper or electronic receipt in a store, most shoppers aren’t interested in going paperless.
8/14/2018by Jen King
With more than half of US households with children feeling financially strained, many parents look for what’s on sale or use coupons to save money.
7/31/2018by Jen King
Shopping online can be risky for many consumers—some aren't sure about the quality of the products, some are concerned about fit and others worry they’re getting a knockoff.
7/27/2018by Jen King