Consumers are always on the lookout for a good deal. In fact, many look for coupons during different stages of the shopping process, whether it's something they planned to buy, something they didn't intend to by, or even a coupon that "planted a seed" in them to shop, according to a March 2018 survey from Valassis.
7/16/2018by Jen King
A good deal persuaded nearly four in 10 US grocery shoppers to buy more than they intended to, research from Inmar found.
4/2/2018by Jennifer King
Consumers really like a good deal. In fact, there are very few who don't think discounts or coupons are important.
3/15/2018by Rimma Kats
Grocery shoppers turn to numerous channels to find the best way to save a buck or two. And while digital is a big component of how they find and research such deals, many still take the traditional route—circulars.
1/3/2018by Rimma Kats
A recent study from CouponFollow found that a large share of US millennials use coupon codes when shopping online, with roughly a third doing so “always” or “very often.”
12/15/2017by Rimma Kats
A new survey on the use of digital and print coupons adds more evidence that millennials are serious about maximizing the value of their purchasing dollars.
10/11/2017by eMarketer Editors
It’s no secret that millennial men and women are both cost-conscious, but women are more likely than men to search for online coupons when shopping via digital channels, according to data from coupon tracking service CouponFollow.
7/5/2017by Maria Minsker
Despite the rise of mobile coupons and discount apps, digital coupon usage growth rates are low and slowing. Of those who use digital coupons, the vast majority access them via mobile.
4/21/2017by Corey McNair
US Hispanic internet users overindex for every activity related to coupons, discounts and deals compared with internet users overall.
3/7/2017by Alison McCarthy