Customer Experience

In-store shoppers will abandon a retailer if they encounter a rude employee, while online shoppers will cut off shopping with a retailer if a shipment never arrives.
1/2/2019by Rimma Kats
It's been established that consumers aren't crazy about chatbots for customer service needs. But according to a new study, consumers aren't enamored with any other customer service channel either.
11/9/2018by Krista Garcia
As artificial intelligence becomes more embedded in everyday experiences, it's logical to assume that consumers are growing more comfortable with it. But while consumers may be open to chatbots in theory, many still prefer to interact with a human customer service agent.
11/6/2018by Krista Garcia
For as much as you hear customer service horror stories, according to an August 2018 survey by call center tech provider Genesys, 94% of US internet users considered their last customer service experience to be positive.
10/23/2018by Krista Garcia
The role of chatbots in ecommerce has evolved from a sales tool to a customer service assistant. When US internet users want to resolve a customer service issue quickly, more than half turn to chat, according to a CGS survey.
8/29/2018by Krista Garcia
A retailer's confirmation page doesn't have to mean goodbye. Instead, the underutilized page can serve as a springboard to a deeper relationship with the customer.
8/29/2018by Jen King
Improving the customer experience is the driving force behind many retail initiatives, but it's also a top priority among supply chain and logistics professionals. A new report from Adelante SCM and BluJay Solutions found that customer experience is one of the leading factors in spurring supply chain innovation.
8/21/2018by Krista Garcia
As in-store tech becomes widespread, some glitches are bound to occur. But how many and how often?
6/27/2018by Jen King
Shoppers have lofty expectations for companies to recognize them across channels and provide personalized experiences. But according to a MuleSoft survey of internet users worldwide, there is room for improvement on this front; 81% said organizations provide a disconnected experience.
6/25/2018by Krista Garcia
A recent survey by Rokt found that US digital buyers are happiest once the buying experience is over. Going through the checkout process is another story.
6/22/2018by Jen King