When buying fast-moving consumer goods, shoppers are purchasing less, but purchasing more often, according to Nielsen data. The shift is particularly distinct among digital retailers.
10/10/2017by Patricia Orsini
The average revenue growth for Amazon, Alibaba and was more than seven times that of the worldwide retail sector in 2016.
10/6/2017by Rahul Chadha
Asked about the steps they had taken to improve their in-store shopping experience, retail decision-makers tended to focus on simple physical changes, rather than tech-oriented solutions.
10/5/2017by Cliff Annicelli
The launch of Amazon’s marketplace is expected to upend any number of product categories among retailers in the country.
10/2/2017by Rahul Chadha
The NRF's new report on consumer attitudes found that for most product categories, the majority of purchases continue to take place in physical stores.
9/29/2017by eMarketer Editors
Ecommerce has grown steadily in France, but at a more modest pace than in leading retail ecommerce nations like the UK. However, a recent study has found nearly half of millennials surveyed in France were positive on social commerce, which could help boost ecommerce in the country.
9/20/2017by Cliff Annicelli
More than half of all US consumers purchase consumer packaged goods online, a new survey found. These digital shoppers tend to be young and can be found all across the country, not merely isolated in coastal enclaves.
9/20/2017by eMarketer Editors
While US consumers seek information across a variety of digital channels when considering a purchase, two entities in particular play an outsized role: Google and Amazon. And according to a new survey, more than half of the Amazon users said it was the first place they looked.
9/15/2017by eMarketer Editors
Walmart's alliance with Google gives it a presence in new channels and exposure via new technology, but visibility is low—at least for now.
9/12/2017by Monica Melton
Data from a Fluent survey underscores the challenges meal kits face in developing a large audience, but it also points up the relative interest in meal kits among millennials. As in other surveys, meal-kit prices remain a sticking point.
9/11/2017by Monica Melton