Retailers in Australia have long dreaded rumors that Amazon was set to launch in the market. But when it did, consumers’ response was surprisingly tepid.
12/13/2017by Rahul Chadha
The masses of Singles’ Day shoppers in China are moving toward relatively upmarket platforms like Tmall and
12/11/2017by Rahul Chadha
A survey of US digital buyers found that most prefer to do their online shopping via an online marketplace—like Amazon and Etsy—as opposed to a retailer like Target.
12/11/2017by Rimma Kats
Ecommerce will make up more than one-fifth of total holiday season retail sales in the UK, according to eMarketer’s latest holiday sales forecast.
11/30/2017by Jasmine Enberg
In the latest episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers" podcast, analyst Yory Wurmser returns to the studio to discuss ecommerce performance metrics.
11/29/2017by Marcus Johnson
Already the leading online furniture retailer, Amazon has amped up the pressure on the sector with the launch of two private-label furniture lines.
11/13/2017by Andria Cheng
Alibaba's Singles' Day topped $25 billion in sales this year. Dig into some quick stats about the sales event, and listen in as eMarketer's Rahul Chadha and Yory Wurmser discuss the evolving global response to the day.
11/13/2017by eMarketer Editors
eMarketer estimates that retail ecommerce sales in the furniture and home furnishings sector will grow 16.4% this year, reaching $35.95 billion. Growth is expected to continue at a healthy double-digit pace over the next four years.
11/9/2017by eMarketer Editors
The sales event, which has become an ecommerce juggernaut, shows some signs of overexposure in China. But Alibaba is hoping to entice shoppers around the globe to take part.
11/8/2017by Rahul Chadha
With a focus on bulk goods, groceries and items that are too inexpensive to make shipping cost-effective, discount and variety stores have never been a natural fit for ecommerce. But that’s beginning to change. Consumers are becoming more accustomed to buying a wider variety of products online, and startups and delivery services are emerging to facilitate this activity.
11/7/2017by eMarketer Editors