US spending on pet care continues to rise. Why? Pet food trends follow human fancies, which means a growing focus on wellness that has extended to furry members of the family.
10/9/2018by Krista Garcia
Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands—encompassing everything from startups like Billie offering women's razor subscriptions to Casper, the once online-only mattress company that has products now being sold at Target—have been growing in popularity for a variety of reasons.
10/4/2018by Krista Garcia
The world is becoming more automated—from self-driving delivery vehicles to subscription commerce—but is tech creating convenience or concern for consumers?
9/26/2018by Krista Garcia
Amazon has expanded into categories that previously seemed off-limits to an online retailer: groceries, streaming content and more recently, healthcare. Financial services could be a new focus. Will consumers go along?
9/20/2018by Krista Garcia
So far, China and the US have matched each other tit-for-tat in the growing trade war. Both countries have imposed tariffs on $50 billion worth of goods, with the US threatening an additional $200 billion and China another $60 billion on 5,207 products.
9/14/2018by Krista Garcia
As an industry, retail is one of the most vulnerable to cybercrime. Ecommerce transactions can provide a wealth of fodder for fraudsters, including personal information and credit card details. Reducing friction at checkout, one way digital retailers are trying to improve the customer experience, is often at odds with cybercrime protection.
9/13/2018by Krista Garcia
Fast fashion—design trends quickly and cheaply translated for the masses—has had a strong year so far. But unless you're a young woman who takes style cues from social media, many of the more successful online retailers in this space might be foreign to you. According to a September 2018 Hitwise study that looks at fast fashion, mid-tier and premium categories, visits to fast fashion sites grew 20% or more monthly between March-June 2018.
9/11/2018by Krista Garcia
Google might leave Bing and Yahoo in the dust for visits, but the popular search engine has been losing some shine as the go-to platform for product search. A number of consumer surveys have shown that more US digital shoppers now start their searches on Amazon.
9/7/2018by Krista Garcia
The latest round of tariffs imposed by the Trump administration could come as soon as this week. The retail industry might not feel the full impact of these measures until 2019, but additional fees on goods from China will undoubtedly affect US trade, especially if China follows through with threats of retaliating tariffs.
9/6/2018by Krista Garcia
There is little doubt that Amazon dominates online marketplace sales in the US, but is this the case worldwide? Where does Alibaba fit in, and do these major retail players have competition?
8/28/2018by Krista Garcia