Ecommerce Sales

Retail ecommerce sales in India will increase 31.0% to reach $32.70 billion in 2018. Investment from Alibaba, Amazon and Walmart into the ecommerce market is fueling rapid growth.
8/28/2018by eMarketer Editors
With Amazon’s fourth annual Prime Day a few months away, speculation has begun about what’s in store for 2018.
4/13/2018by Krista Garcia
Consumers aren't just rushing to Sephora or Ulta Beauty to replenish their beauty essentials—they're also heading to a less obvious choice: Amazon.
3/2/2018by Jennifer King
Amidst the ongoing battle between Amazon and Walmart, eBay is sometimes neglected. Here's a look ahead at the 2018 prospects for the No. 2 ecommerce player.
3/2/2018by Krista Garcia
Returned goods have become a big cost center for retailers, thanks in large part to generous return policies. Here’s how the industry is trying to minimize that hit.
12/21/2017by Andria Cheng
The new estimate puts holiday season ecommerce growth at a 15.8% pace this year, off slightly from the 17.8% increase registered in 2016. But the retail environment is uncommonly uncertain, warns analyst Yory Wurmser.
3/7/2017by eMarketer Editors