Amazon’s widely reported price cuts at its newly acquired Whole Foods unit appear to be driving foot traffic to the store—and away from some competitors. A new study found that the closer a competitor is to a Whole Foods, the more foot traffic was drawn away.
10/10/2017by Patricia Orsini
Amazon’s $13.7 billion Whole Foods buy has put the grocery industry on its toes, igniting fears of a heated price war in the $800 billion industry. A month after their Aug. 28 tie-up, it turns out some of those fears may have been overblown.
9/29/2017by Andria Cheng
Walmart and Amazon unveiled plans for new services that could further expand the way consumers think about grocery and restaurant-food delivery.
9/22/2017by Andria Cheng
As consumer taste for natural products becomes more and more mainstream, high-end natural foods retailers have lost their grip on the market.
9/15/2017by Andria Cheng
Think you’re really on top of all the changes roiling the digital grocery market? Not just the deals and the new players, but consumer adoption and shopper preferences? Take this quiz to find out.
8/31/2017by eMarketer Editors
Which sectors will grow and which will decline in the coming years? An industry report projects that traditional supermarkets will see store counts tumble by 25% over the next five years, while deep discounters with limited inventory counts are likely to thrive.
8/21/2017by Anria Cheng
With Amazon, Walmart and other big players jockeying for a position in the grocery market, it’s easy to forget that digital grocery shopping is still in the early stages.
8/8/2017by Monica Melton
Despite the looming threat of Amazon, Costco continues to outperform the retail industry. Will Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods have an impact on the warehouse club?
8/3/2017by Andria Cheng
Nearly half of US millennial grocery shoppers polled earlier this year said they have shopped for some groceries in an online-only store, a dramatic change from just two years ago. And they're not alone.
8/1/2017by Monica Melton
By summer's end, UK grocery store leader Tesco plans to become the first of the country's supermarket chains to offer same-day delivery of online orders nationwide. It's a move that could push already sizeable sales and adoption of grocery ecommerce even further.
7/24/2017by Cliff Annicelli