Holiday and Seasonal Shopping

Jaime Bettencourt, senior vice president of premier sales and account management at Mood Media, explains why retailers shouldn't neglect the brick-and-mortar experience.
11/26/2018by Andrew Lipsman
According to an August 2018 Pitney Bowes survey of US digital shoppers, 56% of respondents said they encountered an issue while purchasing gifts online last holiday season, up from 36% the prior year.
11/2/2018by Jen King
Retailers believe that early birds and primetime shoppers are the most important holiday audience. Procrastinators? Not so much.
10/16/2018by Jen King
Nearly half of US internet users surveyed by Periscope By McKinsey said they plan to shop for Black Friday deals online.
10/11/2018by Jen King
More than half of respondents (54%) plan to shop for premium groceries this holiday season, according to a recent survey from Accenture.
10/5/2018by Jen King
With consumer confidence hovering near record highs, consumers are set to bump up their holiday spending this year.
9/20/2018by Jen King
As we coast into October, the holiday season is just on the horizon. What changes in shopping behavior can retailers expect this year?
9/18/2018by Krista Garcia
What does someone who already owns a voice-enabled smart speaker want this holiday season? Another smart speaker, of course.
9/12/2018by Jen King
The proposed new tariffs on Chinese imports haven't been enacted yet, though Friday President Donald Trump threatened such a tax at "short notice." Larger retailers might not feel the effects immediately since many manufacturers have likely stocked up in anticipation, but smaller retailers unable to warehouse extra inventory could feel the squeeze sooner.
9/10/2018by Krista Garcia
For many back-to-school shoppers, finding quality items is important, as is spending as little time as possible in the store. But nothing beats a good deal.
8/24/2018by Jen King