As Sprint prepares to open 1,000 more Boost Mobile locations, the company is taking a fresh approach to in-store experience. In an interview with eMarketer, Nick Holt, creative director at Sprint Prepaid Group, talks about the new stores and the digital strategy that supports them.
5/19/2017by Maria Minsker
Access to location data from consumers’ mobile devices has helped many retailers target their marketing and advertising more precisely, but there are other areas of a retail business that can benefit from this data. Duncan McCall, CEO of location data and technology company PlaceIQ, discusses the applications of location data that go beyond a retailer’s marketing department.
5/15/2017by Tricia Carr
Yahoo's Courtney McKlveen discusses the interrelationship between digital ads and brick and mortar sales, and the evolving opportunities of the omnichannel mix.
5/1/2017by Tricia Carr
Tim Vu, vice president of digital experience at Papa Murphy's, and Amit Jain, CEO of digital marketing company Bridg, spoke with eMarketer about how they identified customers and brought them back into Papa Murphy's pizzerias.
3/1/2017by Maria Minsker
Jim Cusson, president at retail branding agency Theory House, discusses why legacy retailers have had trouble catching up to these digital players, and what all retailers need to do to keep their stores relevant to shoppers.
2/28/2017by Tricia Carr