Retailers have an abundance of fulfillment options at their disposal: buy online, pick up in-store, buy in-store, ship to home—you name it. But same day deliver may pose challenges that many don’t feel the need to address.
5/23/2017by Monica Melton
Consumers already know what kinds of products they would want delivered via drones—take-out food, please! But they're already worrying about problems, too.
5/19/2017by Monica Melton
Shrugging off the financial burden of shipping costs, Amazon reduced the minimum order required for non-Prime members to receive free shipping to $25, the second time it has reduced the level this year.
5/9/2017by eMarketer Editors
More than three years after Amazon unveiled Amazon Prime Pantry, Target is getting in on the act, testing a service it calls Target Restock to allow its REDcard loyalty program members to buy household items to be delivered to shoppers the next day.
5/8/2017by Andria Cheng
Order a snack from goPuff and it should arrive at your door in under 30 minutes. eMarketer's Tricia Carr spoke with goPuff's Daniel Folkman about how the company creates an environment where impulse buys happen online.
3/31/2017by Tricia Carr
Amazon sees its Prime Now one- and two-hour delivery service as a ‘trip eliminator’ for customers, not merely a service for urgent situations.
3/20/2017by Andria Cheng