Loyalty Programs

Building loyalty has long been a marketing goal, but loyalty programs don't always work for retention. When it comes to creating loyalty, products matter most, according to a new study.
9/18/2018by Krista Garcia
In yet another sign that consumers are quick to sign up for a loyalty program to get a good deal, a recent study from CrowdTwist found that many are indeed drawn to discounts and free products, more so than other types of rewards.
7/30/2018by eMarketer Editors
Loyalty programs have a serious retention problem. Consumers are quick to sign up, but quick to forget about a loyalty program once they get their initial discount.
7/25/2018by Patricia Orsini
Some four in 10 US internet users would visit or shop their favorite brand more often if their rewards status were communicated more clearly, according to new findings from 3Cinteractive.
5/18/2018by Jen King
According to a recent survey, consumers aren't just looking for individualized service from their loyalty programs. Many want what amounts to instant gratification.
4/18/2018by Jen King
A new survey finds that more than half of US loyalty program members express frustration with their ability to access their information. The result: unused rewards.
3/28/2018by Jennifer King