This year, holiday season sales across mobile devices will surpass $50 billion for the first time, representing nearly 44% of ecommerce spending.
12/6/2018by Caroline Cakebread
This year, mobile commerce sales in the US will account for 39.6% of total retail ecommerce sales—reaching $208.1 billion.
12/3/2018by Caroline Cakebread
Apps vs. mobile sites has been the subject of debate since the dawn of smartphones. For a period it seemed like apps fell out of favor, but there is proof that trend is reversing in the retail industry.
9/12/2018by Krista Garcia
Mounting evidence shows that the holiday shopping season is starting sooner. But is this Christmas creep consumer-driven or the result of retailers planting seeds in the public's mind earlier in the year?
8/30/2018by Krista Garcia
A survey of retail executives showed that outperforming brands tend to offer more functionality on their mobile websites than their desktop sites.
8/15/2018by Jen King
Retail apps have been undergoing a rebirth of sorts. For a long time, users browsed on mobile but didn't convert, so retailers didn't prioritize app strategies. Behavior has changed, though, leaving some to play catch-up. Now, a majority of mobile retail transactions in North America occur via app.
8/15/2018by Krista Garcia
Mobile commerce isn’t always synonymous with user-friendly. And for merchants trying to engage consumers on their devices, that’s a pressing concern.
6/27/2018by Jen King
More than two-thirds of digital transactions in the US take place on mobile, the majority of them via mobile app, according to new data from Criteo.
5/10/2018by Krista Garcia
With mobile devices increasingly widespread, more consumers in France and Germany will be shopping and buying with their smartphones and tablets in 2018.
4/23/2018by eMarketer Editors
The mobile path to purchase can be characterized as unfocused and fleeting. The average mobile shopping session involves six different apps and is relatively short—80% were under 4 minutes, according to a study from Verto Analytics.
2/16/2018by Krista Garcia