The mobile path to purchase can be characterized as unfocused and fleeting. The average mobile shopping session involves six different apps and is relatively short—80% were under 4 minutes, according to a study from Verto Analytics.
2/16/2018by Krista Garcia
Shopping on your mobile device isn’t always a smooth process. In fact, a new survey finds that many digital shoppers have a difficult time placing orders via mobile, resulting in an abandoned cart.
2/2/2018by Rimma Kats
Mobile commerce was a key factor, with mcommerce sales worldwide reaching an estimated $1.357 trillion in 2017, or 58.9% of ecommerce spending overall, according to eMarketer's latest data.
1/29/2018by eMarketer Editors
Because Western Europe already has a well-developed retail ecommerce market, most future growth will come from mobile commerce. eMarketer projects that retail mcommerce sales in the region will more than double between 2016 and 2021, when they will top $200 billion for the first time.
1/11/2018by eMarketer Editors
Despite the uncertain economic climate, the retail market in the UK is growing, driven mainly by mobile commerce. eMarketer estimates UK retail mcommerce sales will rise by 14.2% between 2017 and 2021, when purchases made online via mobile devices will make up well over one-tenth (13.4%) of total retail sales.
12/26/2017by eMarketer Editors
Early indications in the first days of the season show that mobile devices are not only being used for product search and review, they are increasingly replacing desktops as the device where consumers click for purchase.
11/27/2017by Andria Cheng
Younger shoppers are much more inclined to use mobile apps for shopping, while older shoppers tend to prefer mobile websites.
11/27/2017by Rahul Chadha
Despite the ubiquity of mobile phones, small screen size and other factors have held back purchasing on the devices. However, data from ecommerce platform Unbxd indicates that for at least one product category, mobile tops desktop.
11/17/2017by eMarketer Editors
An analysis of back-to-school ecommerce sales signaled diverging growth trends for mobile and desktop shopping, with mobile logging significant gains in orders and values, while desktop sales were close to flat.
10/17/2017by eMarketer Editors
A survey of retail executives in North America found that most retailers have a mobile site or app in place. Fewer have implemented other mobile technologies, like wearables, although it’s something they’re looking to employ within the next two years.
9/28/2017by eMarketer Editors