Meal Kits

You may think nothing of a box of frozen White Castle sliders or a Taco Bell dinner kit in the grocery aisle—fast-food signature dishes that shoppers can re-create at home. Yet Chick-fil-A's announcement on Monday that it will begin testing meal kits is something different altogether.
7/24/2018by Krista Garcia
Once hyped, the meal kit market—and subscription commerce, generally—appears to have settled down. According to a Market Force Information survey, only 15% of US grocery buyers have ever tried a subscription meal kit service. And there doesn't appear to be a great deal of pent-up demand, either.
6/20/2018by Krista Garcia
The big-box retailer is tossing its hat into the meal kit delivery game, but will it be enough to lure shoppers to its stores?
3/5/2018by Krista Garcia