Consumers don’t see retail as offline and online—to them, it’s just shopping. And according to a March 2018 survey by Ipsos and Medallia, 65% of US digital shoppers expect brands to offer the same experience across physical and digital channels.
6/26/2018by Jen King
Understanding the customer journey has always been paramount for marketers—especially in the retail industry—and the ability to assign attribution is becoming more fine-tuned. But shoppers aren’t making it easy.
6/7/2018by Krista Garcia
According to recent data, a good number of retailers think their digital strategies do at least an adequate job of guiding customers to physical locations. Still, there's room for improvement.
6/6/2018by Jen King
Online shopping is a mainstream activity—we forecast roughly 70% of the US population will make a purchase digitally this year—but more buying journeys still end offline.
4/4/2018by Krista Garcia
Amazon continues to infiltrate more product categories and grow its Prime membership base. But just how much influence does the ecommerce giant have?
3/14/2018by Krista Garcia
Omnichannel has been a buzzword for so long that you'd be forgiven for being sick of it. But retailers' attempts at better integrating online and in-store are seeing results.
2/22/2018by Krista Garcia
Online sales growth at Walmart, while strong, was off from the pace set a year earlier, and the company's focus shift to sales brakes's prospects.
2/20/2018by Krista Garcia
Data from Capgemini found that more than one-third of internet users had purchased a consumer product or retail item using a voice assistant.
1/16/2018by Rahul Chadha
Nearly half of customers think using a mobile device in-store would improve their experience, according to recent data. Here’s how shoppers are employing them at physical stores.
12/14/2017by Rahul Chadha
Roughly four in 10 US shoppers are considering using AI-powered digital assistants for their holiday shopping needs, according to a new study.
12/8/2017by Rimma Kats