Nearly half of the retail professionals worldwide surveyed by SLI Systems in H1 2018 said they plan to add personalization to their ecommerce efforts within a year.
8/30/2018by Jen King
According to a new Retail TouchPoints and Oracle survey, 87% of retailers said personalization has become a bigger priority in 2018. Email reigns supreme, but other methods shouldn't be ignored.
8/3/2018by Krista Garcia
Thanks to factors like more efficient manufacturing, 3-D printing and ecommerce platforms, mass customization—the production of products that meet individual tastes—has become more mainstream. Especially in the fashion category.
6/13/2018by Krista Garcia
Much has been written about value exchange and the push-pull of consumers' willingness to give up personal info for personalization, offers or other supposed special treatment. At the minimum, a retailer should be able to discern and differentiate a consumer at some point during a shopping journey.
5/24/2018by Krista Garcia
Everyone likes to feel special, even if that recognition comes in the form of exclusive retail offers. A recent survey found the majority of US internet users said an offer just for them is more important than a promotion sent to everyone, and 94% would take advantage of an offer that wasn’t made available to the public at large.
5/17/2018by Krista Garcia
For many retailers, personalization is everything—especially since consumers have come to expect curated experiences throughout the shopping journey. But getting personalization right isn't as easy as it sounds. Just ask eBay.
5/17/2018by Jen King
Periscope By McKinsey’s latest findings suggest grocers and eateries may benefit from communicating with consumers in a personal way.
5/14/2018by Jen King
New data from Bazaarvoice points to an ongoing occurrence—consumers want personalization, but they are not necessarily experiencing it.
5/1/2018by Rimma Kats
Many are more likely to share the basics, like their name and email address, than reveal their shopping preferences or interests.
4/25/2018by Jen King
For most US retailers, personalization capabilities are key to success, but data from RIS reveals many are still facing obstacles
1/11/2018by Rimma Kats